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About me

I’m Sarah (a.k.a The Doodle Poodle), a designer, illustrator and art director.

I like to doodle and I own a poodle.
I’ve acquired a number of skills throughout my 7 years in the industry and have experience working at both ATL and BTL agencies. I love taking on problem-solving challenges, whether that involves building a brand from scratch, illustrating characters for a children’s book, conceptualising a brand campaign, developing a website or just designing packaging for a soap bar. I love every aspect of creating things that are not only beautiful and functional but memorable too.
I also believe in the power of design and how it can change the way we see the world and make it a more bright and colourful space for everyone.
In my spare time I like to doodle, drink wine and eat pizza.


Below are some of the brands that I have worked on.